Christmas Jobs in London 2023

Londoners spend more money at Christmas than any other time of year, which means that many companies need Christmas staff to handle all that extra business. For many years this has been a way for students to fund their 'non-studying' lifestyle for the next term as well as for parents who just need a little more cash to pay for all the presents.

How To Find a Job at Christmas

Christmas jobs If you're looking for a Christmas job in London 2023 the best time to start looking is the beginning of November as that's when most opportunities are advertised. However, you need to start thinking about it before then.

Make sure that your CV is up to date, and whether you apply in person or by email (or even old fashioned post) ensure that communicate why you would be the best person for the job - think about the things you've done in your career, or at school, or even in your spare time that demonstrates an ability to succeed in the role. For example, even if you've never had a job before, most jobs require you to work in a team... perhaps you've taken part in team sports?

The most obvious London businesses that need extra staff are in the retail sector, but of course there will be opportunities in offices, hotels, bars, restaurants, and even warehouses and delivery centres. There are a surprising number of part-time opportunities out there!

Christmas Job Sites

Often the challenge can be finding the opportunity, not just being selected for the role. Many companies advertise their Christmas jobs on their website, so make a list of all the companies in your area and visit their websites.

Every year the Royal Mail (Post Office) take on around 18,000 workers - both on the streets delivering and in the sorting offices.

Asda announced that they need 7,000 extra staff at Xmas - you can visit their jobs site at Asda Jobs.

WH Smith always have Christmas work opportunities although sometimes they use temp agencies.

Other ways to get a little extra income are to sign up with People Per Hour or Elance. These sites are essentially marketplaces for human skills, including administrative work, PR, marketing and technical skills such as web programming.

If you're interested in retail jobs, then go into the stores and ask - you'll be surprised how often 'right place, right time' can pay off. Don't just assume you need to sign that says 'Christmas vacancies'.  And finally, you may find seasonal work at one of the many Christmas Markets.

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You May Not Know

If you're interested in seeing some sport at Christmas in London, Boxing Day (26th December) always has Premiership and League football games - the biggest London clubs are Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspurs and West Ham United, but there are many others in the lower divisions where ticket prices will be less.