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Winter WonderlandOur first Christmas in London was memorable, our second christmas was amazing… and all the others (yes there have been many many others) have been good, great or fabulous.

This site is intended to share all we know about all the best things to do and experience in London.

Take a look at our Christmas blog, browse our tips for Christmas lunch, find out about the best carol concerts, or just discover the unlikely and unusual things to do at xmas.

Discover London at Christmas

One thing that's hard to comprehend as a visitor to the city is how easy it is to walk from one area to another, constantly stumbling across interesting places.

That's partly because the tube network means that people 'pop-up' and then 'pop-down' like gofers, not moving more than a 100 yards from where they started, but also since so many other other major cities are spread out with huge dead zones between interesting places

London Snow At Christmas, London is even more special than the rest of the year. There's a buzz in the streets. There are still plenty of people bustling around, looking at their feet, ignoring the world, but there are many many people just enjoying being in London at Christmas.

Shop staff, who for 48 weeks a year will barely raise an eyebrow, will suddenly engage you in conversation, wish you well, and chirp goodbye.

Shop windows explode with creativity and beauty, Big Issue salesmen discover Santa hats, and around almost every corner you hear groups of carol singers, a busker belting out christmas classics, or children just screaming with excitement as they head towards a Christmas grotto.

London ice rinkSo we really recommend you just walk - avoid that tube. Pick a starting point and walk to the centre.

Maybe start in the City of London (the financial district) and read all the plaques on the walls describing Roman walls, homes of famous writers and musicians, stop by St Paul's Cathedral, stroll Fleet Street, drop down to the Embankment and watch the boats along the River, then back up to Covent Garden, Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus.

Or start in Kensington High Street and walk the other way - through Knightsbridge with Harrods, into Hyde Park, across Park Lane and into Mayfair, and then on to Piccadilly and Leicester Square.

Where To Buy A Christmas Tree in London?

There's actually a really wide choice of places to buy Christmas trees in London, and your first port of call should probably be your local garden centre. We're not going to list all of those here, you can just google them. But there are other places you may want to investigate.

This year a number of tree vendors set up their stores in a number of open spaces including Brick Lane (East London), Old Deer Park and the London Wetland Centre (both near Richmond), Greenwich Park (South East), Wimbledon Park (South West)  and even Fulham Palace.  Although we think half the fun is dragging the tree home and dressing it in baubles, Pines and Needles offer a delivery, installation and even decorating service.

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Santa is a relatively new name for the fellow who brings presents - he was previously known as Old Father Christmas, Sir Christmas, and Lord Christmas. Originally he was pictured wearing a green costume but he was re-branded at the start of the 20th Century and is now generally seen in red.