New Year & New Year's Eve in London 2023

Trafalgar Square is generally considered not just to be the centre of London, but the focus of the New Year celebrations in London where thousands of people celebrate at midnight on New Year's Eve.

Christmas in London
New Year's Eve in London

There are no formal events, since there's already a danger over severe over-crowding, and since 2005 there has been an annual fireworks display from the Southbank / London Eye, encouraging people to spread around a little more. Expect more than 250,000 spectators in the area.

The other great London tradition is to watch Big Ben strike Midnight (Big Ben is the name of the clock in the tower at the Houses of Parliament in Parliament Square).

Although there are many hang-overs on January 1, the New Year's Day Parade which has been held annually since 1987 with more than 10,000 musicians, cheerleaders and performers involved in the celebrations. New Year's Day is an official bank holiday (national holiday) so be prepared to find most shops and restaurants closed.

Key Dates for New Year 2023

New Year's Eve: December 31st, 2023 is on a Sunday

New Year's Day: January 01st, 2024 is on a Monday

Auld Lang Syne

Originally a Scots poem by Robbie Burns, "Auld Lang Syne" is sung at New Year gatherings across London and the UK (but especially in Scotland), although very few people actually know what the words are, and what it means.

New Year's Parties

Almost every bar, club and venue holds a party at New Year's Eve, where entrance is usually more expensive than normal. The atmosphere at these events is usually pretty electric as everyone is determined to have a good time, and of course as it's London, there will be plenty of alcohol flowing. If you want to go to one of the bigger venues it really makes sense to book in advance.

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